The Signature men’s dress shirts from Añel Sartoria are designed following the traditional standards long established by the legendary Neapolitan Sartoriale School. Each shirt is a true work of a genius…a masterpiece that lets you sense the passion and appreciate the uncompromising effort devoted to these garments by our Neapolitan ‘sartos.’
All of our dress shirts are tailored – both inside and inside out – with high-quality cotton, allowing you to enjoy a supreme level of comfort. Because we never stop in our search for the finest materials and select Italian fabrics available in today’s marketplace.
Each single detail has been crafted with critical precision and all aspects carefully thought out. Hand-cut collar tips, Mother-of-Pearl buttons and 10 stiches per centimeter, these are features that make our dress shirts so unique and fascinating, and at the same time so essential for today’s gentleman regardless of the occasion—business activities or any other important event.