The Seven Folds
The absolute first confession of a luxury tie is expecting something not less than the “seven folds”, or otherwise known as “the refolded silk”.
The element holding a master piece of this sort is the piece of silk within itself, and then folded several times -four on one border, and three on the other- before being sewed. It calls for work that exceeds the need for a specific quantity of silk different from those used traditionally, and because of this is the price elevated for this type of tie.
The hold and the way it flows, falling perfectly, are mistake free and breathtaking at first sight, needed for the incomparable quality of silk.
When in your hands, it expresses a boldness and intensity, yet having the lightness and delicateness of a feather. Saying that this sublime tie, being a small bundle of silk, simply gives people a love and belief for a tie of this sort…. The seven folds…