Our Story

At the end of World War I, Italians faced harsh times. It was not easy living in a place filled with great art and so much history next to a misery and suffering as never seen before, but at the same time with so many hopes and dreams.

This is the backdrop of a story of a 12-year-old kid from Castelnuovo di Conza, a small town in southern Italy, who dropped out of school and chased the dream of becoming a tailor. A few years later, he made his first dream come true when he moved to Napoli, the city of tailors.

In via Speranzella, he worked under the umbrella of maestro Conte, learning not just the technical aspects of the trade, but also the fine art, the fantasy and style of tailoring that have made Neapolitan tailors famous all over the world.

At 19, he made his second dream happen: He designed his first men’s suit. Days, weeks and months of hard work finally paid off when he was chosen to help maestro Picci, which saw him move and set his studio at galeria Umberto I, the “salotto” of Napoli.

Just after turning 22, and with a bag full of dreams, this well seasoned tailor decided it was time to make the big move, try his luck and emigrated to South America to start his business.

Despite years of success in South America, the siren call of Napoli - its scents, colors, and passion - were too strong to ignore. Answering this pull, he established a Sartoria in Napoli. But this time it was a labor of love built with his family, including his son-in-law, who is leading AÑEL into the new millennium.

Almost a century has passed but the legend lives on. This tailor’s family, rich in history and filled with passion, keeps on showing the world the art of fine Italian clothing, upholding the same tradition, magic and elegance that young tailor always instilled in his work.